Use Cases


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    → Add some information to the article ❗

    → Just a title is not enough 😅🤭 ⚠️ Add some context❗ 👩‍🔬 I need a documentation article regarding SWAT Map.❗ ⚠️ Explain what you want to achieve with the article❓ 👩‍🔬 I want to use it for XYZ and therefore I need a description how to set it up and also do XY❗ ⚠️ Is there a customer evidence for this article❓ 👩‍🔬 Customer XY asked for that article. It has quite some urgency therefore I need it until xxxx❗ ⚠️ Discribe the goal❓

    👩‍🔬 I want to use it for the customer to show how to setup the swat Map and also to do XYZ ❗